Demo 2011

by Disapproval



Demo 2011 released on Ride The Fury Records.

Recorded at Earth Capital Studios March 2011.

RTF press /100 Sold Out.



released March 25, 2011



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Track Name: Wildflowers
There's no luck here, we make it all up
Crossroads of our world at every speed bump
We say that we want to leave, but we know we'll stay
They wont let you come because of the stories we've made
Worry yourself, be afraid
I'm not living until I'm here
It's clear to me living in fear
Track Name: Woodpusher
Skate, Destroy
You act like you know skateboarding, but we know you're a fake
Fucking woodpusher
Get wheelbite and break your face
Your opinions on skateboarding are always shit
"Rodney Mullen is the best; so creative."
Fuck freestyle
That shit sucks
I'd rather bomb a hill, or carcass huck
Bust, or bail
All hail Cardiel
Track Name: Poisoned
Poisoning yourself to get away from problems and pain
All that poison in your veins has taken over your soul
You'll do anything to get your fix
Your eyes are empty, the devil has you in his grip
No remorse for what you've become
No remorse for what you've done
You're a worthless piece of shit
You'd do anything for another hit
You're a worthless piece of shit
I hope you suffer for your sins
Headless and handless, you left him dead in a ditch
Mother and daughter left alone for what you did
You and your drugs make me sick
You and your kind don't deserve to live
The devil has you in his grip
Suffer for your sins
Track Name: No Reward
Grind my teeth to dust
Work my skin to bone
Repeat this for years
No reward to be shown
I don't want to waste my life
Spending time at a 9-5
I'd rather break from societies hold
I'd rather be 6 feet deep in a hole
No reward for anything, ever.